Excel Add-In for Calculation of Properties of Various Compounds
AMProp_Calc.xla is an Add-In for MS Excel which provides a set of functions for calculating thermodynamic and transport properties of various compounds using correlations and Equation os State SRK

Copyright 2015 by Alex Michinel. All rights reserved. Please read the License Agreement before installing this TRIAL version

Excel Add-in:

This TRIAL Version will allow you to use the Add-In for one Week.

The calculated Properties for PURE compounds are :
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Saturation Temperature
  • Liquid and Gas Calorific Value (Cp)
  • Liquid and Gas Molar Density
  • Liquid and Gas Viscosity
  • Enthalpy and Entropy
  • ETC.

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Disclaimer: Alex Michinel will not be responsible for any mistake or wrong interpretation of the results given by the applications. The user will be fully responsible for the use of these results.

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