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Residencias Ramo Verde
Edif. Cristal.- Apto. B-52
LosTeques - Venezuela
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PT Indo-Rama Synthetics Tbk
01/Apr/2014 - Till date
Head Office, Jakarta - Indonesia.
VP Technical

Duty: Head Technical issues in the Projects Division of Indorama. Feasibility Studies. Technology Evaluation. Issing Request for FEED proposal. FEED eveluation and Awarding. FEED management.

PT Indo-Rama Synthetics Tbk.
04/Apr/2011 - 31/Mar/2014
Head Office, Jakarta - Indonesia.
Projects Process Head

Duty: Head Process discipline in the Projects Division of Indorama

22/Apr/2006 - 03/Apr/2011
Eleme Petrochemicals Complex. Port Harcourt-Nigeria.
Head Technical Services & Projects (Technical Manager)

Plant Capacity :PE: 270KTY; Butene-1: 22KTY; PP:80KTA; Ethylene: 300KTYA Propylene: 126KTA.
Duty: In Charge of Process Technical Services Department. Coordinate Licensors Technical Assistance. Management of Engineering Projects.

14/Apr/2004 - 21/Apr/2006
Tecnimont Nigeria Ltd. Eleme Petrochemicals. Port Harcourt-Nigeria. (10/Feb/2005 - 21/Apr/2006)
Head of Production Department (Site Manager).

Plant Capacity :PE: 270KTA; Butene-1: 22KTA; PP:80KTA; Ethylene: 300KTA; Propylene: 126KTA.
Duty:Supervise the production and maintenance activities of the Polyethylene/ Butene-1, Polypropylene and Olefins plant in the Eleme Petrochemical Complex. Assist management of EPCL in technical decision.

AgipGas BV Libyan Branch. Wafa Coastal Gas Project, Mellitah - Libya (22/Aug/2004 - 31/Oct/2004)
Commissioning Supervisor/Shift Process Supervisor.

Project value :1.7Billions USD. 4.4 BSCM/Year of sale gas.
Duty: Supervise the pre-commissioning / commissioning activities for the gas plant located at Mellitah site. Supervise the operation of the process and storage/marine facilities.

Basell HDPE Project, Wesseling - Germany (14/Apr/2004 - 26/Jul/2004)
Commissioning Supervisor.

Plant Capacity: 320 KTA of LHDPE
Duty: Create detailed pre-commissioning / commissioning procedures for the polyethylene plant (Hostalen technology). Supervise the pre-commissioning / commissioning activities. Among the commissioning activities carried out or supervised were: flushing and blowing lines for cleaning, perform service test for utilities, pressure test and inerting, prepare and supervise equipment test such as pumps, compressor and blowers. Inspect plant for mechanical completion and issue punch list for proper and prompt solution.

Los Teques - Venezuela
18/Aug/2003 - 13/Apr/2004.
Refinery & Petrochemical Senior Engineer.

Technical evaluation of a crude upgrading technology in Throndhein-Norway
. A on-site test was witness on a rig built by Elycrack a/s and SINTEF. The test was performed to crack crude from Venezuela using the developing new technology. This technology was also compared technically and economically with others commercially established to upgrade crude oil.

Technical/Economic evaluation of a refinery in Cuba
. A on-site-inspection of the refinery was carried out on major equipment and a model was built using Pro/II to evaluate the performance of the distillation columns. The model included pre-flash column, atmospheric tower, stripper, naphtha stabilizer and depentanizer. Later PIMS (a commercial software for industrial process modeling) was used to evaluate the economics of the actual refinery configuration and the impact of future expansions.

ISAL Process specialist
. ISAL is a technology developed by UOP-INTEVEP to reduce sulfur content in naphtha without reduction in octane number. The duty of the senior engineer is to carry out commercial catalyst tests on pilot plants and advice on HDS (hydrodesulphurization) plants operation and performance.

Caracas - Venezuela.
10/Jun/2002 - 15/Aug/2003
Process Engineering Leader.

Development of the Operation Manual for a Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Operating Manual was developed for a wastewater treatment plant included in the Hamaca Crude Upgrader project. The plant includes Accidentally oil system, biological reactors (biotreaters), oily water treatment and sanitary sewer system.

Lead the process department for several EPC and engineering projects. Issue/review Piping and Instruments Diagrams (P&ID), Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), Mass & Energy Balances, check the process parameter of instruments datasheets, piping design, issue process design basis, piping list and equipment list, Operation Manual development, issue process control philosophy and check control loops narratives. Participation in HAZOP studies with other disciplines.

Participation as process leader in the following projects:
  • EPC Projects for Oil & Gas production facilities in San Joaquin and Campo Boscan.
  • Detail engineering for a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hamaca crude upgrader.
  • Detail engineering for a gas compression facility. Installation of a fifth gas compressor in Santa Barbara.
Recommend process and technology for plant/equipment for new projects (engineering offers) or upgrading/modernization of existing plants or equipment.

08/Feb/2001 - 31/Dec/2001
Borouge Petrochemical Project, Ruwais - United Arab Emirates.
Commissioning Supervisor.

Project Value: 420 Millions USD. Capacity 460 KTA
Duties: Create detailed pre-commissioning / commissioning procedures for the polyethylene plant (Borstar technology). Supervise the pre-commissioning / commissioning activities. Among the commissioning activities carried out or supervised were: flushing and blowing lines for cleaning, perform service test for utilities, pressure test and inerting, prepare and supervise equipment test such as pumps, compressor and blowers. Inspect plant for mechanical completion and issue punch list for proper and prompt solution.

06/May/1996 - 15/Dec/2000
Eleme Petrochemicals Complex, Port Harcourt - Nigeria.
Plant Superintendent. Polyethylene Plant (~4.5 Years).
Plant Capacity: 270 KTA of lineal polyethylene
Supervise the polyethylene plant operation/maintenance. Supervise a work force of about 45 staffs from different nationalities and different specialties (Electrical / Mechanical / Instrument / Operations / Process Engineering / Laboratory (QC) / Production Planning). Issue the operators shift schedule and schedule the leave period for the staff. Chair the daily operation/maintenance meeting and prioritize required maintenance jobs.

Follow-up lab (Quality Control) results and analysis to ensure on-spec products. Monitor plant effluents and emissions to ensure compliance with HSE objectives. Issue startup/shutdown schedule and ensure utilization of proper procedures. Issue monthly report on plant performance, achieved goals and forecast. Attend the petrochemical complex daily management meeting.

Development of On-The-Job Training Program to train local staff on plant operation and troubleshooting.

Development of an accounting program and other office software applications.

04/Aug/1992 - 15/April/1996
El Tablazo Petrochemicals Complex, Zulia, Venezuela.
Plant Capacity: 150 KTA of Lineal Polyethylene.

Quality Coordinator (1 year)
Duties: Development and implementation of an Activity Based Cost System (ABC). Follow-up of operational costs, assist management on decision taking involving reduction of operational costs.Revision and documentation of procedures for ISO-9000 quality standards. Business process re-engineering.

Polyethylene Plant Operation Engineer (1 year).
Duties: Daily follow-up of plant operation performance. Process optimization.

Polyethylene Plant Process Engineer (2 years)
Assignment in Toronto - Canada for DCS configuration and factory acceptance test (4 months).
Assignment in Sarnia - Canada for Sclairtech process training (2 months).
Assignment in Salvador - Brazil for Sclairtech process training (2 months).
Construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup of a Sclairtech polyethylene plant.
DCS configuration (MOD-300). Control loop tuning.
Development of a dynamic simulator for the Sclairtech process using AutobuilderTM. (London-Canada).

18/May/1987 - 03/Aug/1992
El Tablazo Petrochemicals Complex, Zulia, Venezuela.

Process Control Engineer - Olefins Plant II (2 years).

Duties: DCS configuration (TDC-3000). Applications development for Olefins Plant optimization. Instrument loop testing and tuning.

Process Engineer - Olefins Plant I (2 years)

Duties: Daily control and monitoring of plant operation. Organize test runs for analysis of unit performance. Identify process bottlenecks for increasing the plant throughput. Perform process optimization studies. Monitor catalyst/molecular sieves unloading, loading and catalyst performance monitoring activities (acetylene converter, dryers, hydrogenation). Evaluate process or operation improvements using process simulators as Pro/II, Hysis or Aspen Plus.

Development of a dynamic simulator for the Kellogg Olefins plant using AUDYSIM (Fortran based simulation program)(New Jersey - USA). Field and panel operators trainer using the dynamic process simulator

Production Planning Supervisor (3 months).

Duties: Production planning for all plant in the petrochemical complex, including NLG, ammonia, urea, chlorine-Alkaline, PCV and Olefins plants.

Process Engineer - Power Plant (1.5 years)

Duties: Process engineering for the power plant and demin-water plant. Steam and power generation process follow-up.

20/Jun/1986 - 28/Feb/1987
Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui, Venezuela
Industrial Trainee.

Duties Process simulation of an alkylate splitter using ProcessTM (Simsci). Gasoline blending planning. Process engineering for the alkylation plant.

Jun/1985 - aug/1985
Los Teques, Miranda, Venezuela
Industrial Trainee (6 weeks).

Duties: Research Institute for the national oil company of Venezuela (PDVSA). Worked on translation of exxon's design manuals from English to Spanish. Research on oil physical properties estimation/prediction and modeling.

Universidad Simón Bolívar.
Sep/1981 - Feb/1987
Sartenejas, Miranda, Venezuela.
Bsc. Chemical Engineering.

Liceo Francisco de Miranda
Sep/1976 - Jul/1981
Los Teques, Miranda, Venezuela
High School.

Escuela Jesús Maria Sifontes
Sep/1970 - Jul/1976
Los Teques, Miranda, Venezuela
Primary School.

Courses & Diplomas:
  • LOTUS 1-2-3.
  • Integral safety.
  • First Aids.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Petrochemical processes.
  • Technical reports redaction.
  • II Seminary on Olefins plants' Catalysts.
  • Rupture discs.
  • Honeywell TDC-3000 / LCN.
  • New advances in distillation.
  • 1st Petrochemical Forum.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Process control.
  • Seminary of Poly-olefins.
  • AUDYSIM (Dynamic simulator).
  • Operation TDC3000 (Honeywell).
  • Simsci PRO/II.
  • Process control - Looptune.
  • AMC implementation (Honeywell).
  • CM 50 Computing Module on VAX.
  • MOD300 Engineering and configuration (ABB).
  • Sclairtech process training.
  • Autobuilder course (Dynamic simulator).
  • Assignment to POLITENO (Brazil).
  • Born Canada Heaters.
  • Turnaround Maintenance.
  • ProSimPlus
  • KBR Technology conference 2009.
  • Visit to Sibur's Cracker
  • Economical analysis and management in investment decision taking.
  • Linear programming applied to decision taking in the petrochemical industry.
  • PIMS (linear programming software).
  • Activity Based Costing.
  • Re-engineering and ISO-9000.
Human Resources:
  • Communication and human relationships.
  • Adults' Learning Process.
  • Simulator instructor.
  • Training for trainers.
  • Work team organization.
  • Defensive Driving.
  • Fire fighting.

  • Process Engineering: To monitor and analyze the plant technical performance including feed quality, product yields and quality specifications, operating conditions, equipment performance and economics. To carry out HAZOP studies with operations and safety personnel, for critical activities such as plant modifications, start up and shutdown procedures. To troubleshoot, identify and propose plant performance improvements, to address operating problems
  • Process Control: DCS configuration and operation. TDC-3000 (Honeywell), MOD-300 (ABB), CENTUM-XL (Yokogawa)
  • Computer Languages: Programmer skills (BASIC, FORTRAN, C, C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Java, SQL)
  • Computer Applications: Spreadsheets, word processors & databases handling. MS Projects. Applications developer (Accounting, costing, Payroll, Maintenance Work Permit System).
  • Process Simulators: Dynamics simulator (AUTOBUILDER, AUDYSIM). Steady state simulators (HYSIS, PRO II, WaterCad, ProSimPlus). Industrial Process Modeling (PIMS)
  • Personnel Supervision.
  • Project Management. ISO-9000. Process re-engineering.

Spanish (mother language), English

Place of birth: Caracas - Venezuela
Date of birth: June 26th , 1964.

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